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  1. Roger Sacks
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    I have just purchased a P38 that appears to have been looked after very well. However, it has changed hands a few times due to a Severe Overheating Problem disabling it after just 15-20 minutes from being driven. Because of this, I have been unable to bring it back to my Home & Workshop where I could attempt to narrow the problem down and (hopefully) Fix-It. My Range Rover P38 remains in Rugby from where it was purchased by me. I NEED TO HAVE IT TRANSPORTED BACK TO RAMSGATE which is all of 299 miles from RUGBY . . . ! I’m afraid that I cannot afford £400 or anywhere near that sum to bring her home . ! The RAC have tried to sort it out for me, but will not transport it for me due to (NOW) not having a valid MOT. It has Fully Comprehensive Insurance and a years Vehicle Tax. Before I purchased her, (the vehicle I am certain if feminine) I read up on one of the bulletin boards that this is a common problem. The last owner had the Head skimmed and crack tested - (the head showed no damage), a new cylinder head gasket put on, new Water Pump, new Thermostat, but still No Good . . ! I can't drive it back to Ramsgate so I need to Transport it back to Ramsgate ! I'm spinally injured have suffered several fractures to my neck and spine - It doesn't stop me working on it for limited times due to my severe spinal pain . . . caused by my December 6th 1982 injuries and my Fibromyalgia ! However, nothing daunts me - hence me buying this poor beautiful little girl ! Now I need two things from those amongst you who wish to help me bring her back home to 36 Langdale Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 0PG. That was ONE OF MY NEEDS !THE SECOND OF MY TWO IMMEDIATE NEEDS is to discover precisely what is causing her to overheat so badly ! I need to find the cause and remedy it once and for all . . . . ! The nice kind RAC man who visited it for me said that it could be a POROUS HEAD ? The engine is a BMW/LAND ROVER JOINT PRODUCTION ! Because of this SOMEONE MUST KNOW OF WHY THIS BEAUTIFUL OLD LADY OVERHEATS SO BADLY THAT SHE CANNOT BE DRIVEN . . . ? Anyone with any ideas worth following through are most welcome . . . ! I've saved her from the breakers - but I want to have her as my own and enjoy driving her to the Lake District this year as a belated 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GIFT TO MY WIFE AND OUR TWO DOGS - JACK and MISIA. This wonderful Old Lady I'm sure still has it in her to languish on such a journey . . . . but I need ALL of you guys out there who know all about such a problem of OVERHEATING after being IDLING FOR JUST 15-20 MINUTES WHY SHE SHOULD SUDDENLY OVERHEAT IN SUCH A WAY AS TO EXPLODE HER TOP HOSE . . . . . ! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WENT TO COLLECT HER FROM RUGBY ! PLEASE HELP ME GIVE HER A NEW LEASE OF LIFE AND TO DRIVE HER TO THE MOST ENJOYABLE PLACES THAT A BEAUTIFUL P38 DESERVES TO BE DRIVEN TO IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ! Sincerely Roger Ian Sacks
    Roger Sacks, 2018-05-08 19:22:47 -04:00
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