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  • Range Rover Classic

    Range Rover Classic spare parts and accessories

    Range Rover Classic is a luxury 4x4 SUV series by trustful British car producer Land Rover from 1970 to 1996. Initially the Range Rover Classic was presented on the market only in a 2-door version until 1981 when the vehicle became available in a 4-door body style. Though 2-door Rovers were manufactured up to January 1994. Initially the car was presented as the Land Rover that could go off-road or be hosed out when required.

    Additionally the vehicle was equipped with a V8 engine, coil springs and solid axles. Range Rover Classis corresponds to the first generation of autos produced under the Range Rover brand name. By the way, every Land Rover Classic owner has to know that the man who designed the original Range Rover was Charles Spencer King. Since Range Rover Classic was presented to the customers, the producers have not stopped modifying and improving the style and luxury of the vehicle, so that Range Rover Classic has quickly become the most recognized and beloved premium brand all over the globe. If you are one of those lucky people who owe the fantastic 4x4 Land Rover Classic, then you need best Range Rover Classic parts to take care of the vehicle and be sure it works as it should.

    UKAR AUTO online shop of auto parts has a wide range of Range Rover Classic spares to offer: from body parts and interior/exterior accessories to radiators and exhausts. So, take a look at UKAR AUTO detailed virtual catalogue for the Classic Range Rover parts you need for the most competitive and reasonable price. If you can`t find the Range Rover Classic spares and accessories you are trying to find, please feel free to ask for help our customer support anytime 7 days a week and our team will order that for you. UKAR AUTO can offer you aftermarket, Genuine and OEM quality Range Rover Classic parts and spares. Like other models of Land Rover, the Land Rover Classic’s bodywork skin is made of lightweight aluminum. Afterwards the producers started to hang aluminum panels on a steel safety frame, what allowed the Range Rover’s bodywork to carry significantly greater structural strength.

    The engine of Range Rover Classic was a detuned 135p version of the V8 engine. In 1992 Land Rover was equipped with its own 200Tdi turbocharged diesel engine and 300Tdi in 1994. It is also remarkable that initially the Range Rover Classic was a favorite choice for ambulances across the United Kingdom. Anyway, whatever Range Rover model you drive and however you drive it- your single source of best premium Classic Range Rover parts is UKAR AUTO. More than that, ordering Range Rover Classic spares in UKAR AUTO you will guaranty get the warranty of returning products or money that you have paid back. Unlike many other Rover parts, UKAR properly inspects and tests the products before being sent to the customers. We are dedicated to Range Rover and wanna do the best for our customers by providing best-quality spare parts and honest customer support. UKAR AUTO is online shop to trust to.

  • Range Rover Evoque

    Range Rover Evoque parts catalogue and accessories

    The Range Rover Evoque is a luxury and compact SUV produced by the famous British car producer Land Rover. Launched in 2011 to meet public interests, the Range Rover Evoque is claimed to be the sign of the beginning of the new, full of impressions era for Land Rover. Being the first model since the TATA Motors Company took Land Rover over, the Evoque was initially presented on the market as the LRX concept vehicle.

    However, the public opinion to launch the production version of the car had a significant influence on manufacturers and for a short time period Land Rover Evoque has gained a world-wide popularity. Since July 2011 the Land Rover Evoque was produced in two versions: three and five-door vehicles with two and four wheel driving systems. The company producer designed the Evoque model to appeal to urban customers and meet the requirements for the lower emissions of CO2. The desire of drivers to create the fuel economy vehicle was also performed. Initially the Land Rover was aimed at satisfaction of customer’s willing to have more economical luxury car for the emerging small sports SUV market, while simultaneously the producers tried to build a vehicle with a taught handling and more live performance. Anyway, an impressive design of the Land Rover Evoque had set a new benchmark for the following models of Land Rover.

    UKAR AUTO parts online shop has already started to stock the reliable Range Rover Evoque parts to personalize and improve your Evoque. In the Range Rover Evoque parts catalogue of UKAR AUTO shop you can find everything from spares, interior/exterior accessories and even new merchandise to show off your Land Rover Evoque pride. While the Evoque is more oriented on the on-road style driving and is one step forward from the Sport model of Range Rover, it is still greatly designed and is ready for off-road challenges.

    UKAR AUTO is a shop where you can be sure of getting high-quality Range Rover Evoque spares for the best price. We offer our customers Genuine, OEM and aftermarket Range Rover Evoque spare parts and accessories that can be delivered directly to door and exported to the global Land Rover Evoque enthusiasts. Providing only properly checked Range Rover Evoque parts UKAR AUTO is interested in making efforts to see how the Range Rover Evoque evolves in the future in regards to exhausting off-roading.

    Range Rover Evoque spares bought in our shop will help every driver in his or her off-road adventures. So, get familiarized with the menu on the left of our website to navigate through our simple for use online shop of Range Rover Evoque spare parts. And remember, that in our shop you have a 30-day Guarantee for all Range Rover Evoque parts. With Us you can be sure of having a deal with trustful Range Rover Evoque spares supplier. If you have difficulties with finding what you need, contact UKAR AUTO support team and they will order that for you for the most competitive price.

  • Range Rover P38

    Range Rover P38 partsand accessories catalogue

    The release of newly-designed Range Rover P38 in late 1994 made a furor in the world of Range Rover enthusiasts. The designers had to compete with the Range Rover Classic that was the most complicated act to follow. In fact the British car manufacturer Land Rover has created a revolutionary vehicle for the SUV market, which offers an unbelievable comfort and attracts with its style.

    Since the Range Rover P38 was presented, the producers tried to position the new model as more attractive in comparison with the highly-demanded Jaguar and BMW, retaining the class-leading abilities of perfect off-road driving. Most reviews confirm that Land Rover succeeded to a considerable degree, combining the restrained design with several innovative engineering technologies. Producers were also trying to make more daring design of the vehicle, though in fact the body shape of Range Rover P38 was very traditional, that caused many critics to call P38 bland. However, the new design of car body did retain several styling cues from the previous designs, like a castellated hood, for instance. Talking about the on road performance of P38 it is hard not to fall in love with it and every Range Rover P38 owner knows that.

    An Extremely comfortable seating together with various controls creates the feeling of being in command of any situation and exactly this feeling makes many Range Rover enthusiasts choose P38. The engine of P38 is extremely smooth and the cabin creates the quiet atmosphere. In comparison with Range Rover Classic the ride is firmer, but gives a feeling of deep confidence. UKAR AUTO online shop offers the owners of P38 different enhancements, high-quality Range Rover body kits, Range Rover P38 parts, modifications and accessories to make their Rover look better every year of exploitation. Range Rover P38 has been instantly winning enthusiasts all over the globe for its fantastic and pure look. The today’s success of Range Rover P38 is evident by the impressive number of cars that remain on our roads. And surely that is also the achievement of shops that can offer durable and reliable Range Rover P38 spares.

    As P38 owners put more miles on their Rovers, the need of high-quality service and repair of P38 Range Rover parts increases. And if you find yourself on looking for the Genuine, aftermarket or OEM Range Rover P38 parts, then UKAR AUTO is a shop to choose. For many years we have been providing Land Rover enthusiasts all over the world Range Rover P38 spares and accessories they need to keep their cars working as they should. In our Range Rover P38 parts catalogue you can find everything you want or need. If you have difficulties with finding Range Rover P38 spares, feel free to contact our support team. If you have any question or recommendation for the new product to our catalogue of P38 Range Rover parts, please let us know. Be sure of checking for the new comings and Range Rover parts at the highly competitive prices.

  • Range Rover Sport

    Genuine Range Rover Sport spares and accessories

    The Range Rover Sport is a SUV produced by the Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of the world-known company Tata Motors. The first generation of Sport series was launched in 2005 under the codename L320, and was replaced in 2013 by the second Sport Range Rover generation, or L494. The first generation of Range Rover Sport had chassis from the integrated bodyframe and unique design which was presented on the Disco 3 in 2004. It surely gives the Land Rover Sport some rigidity and refinement advantages of monocoque chassis for the off-road applications. It also allows reducing the cost of vehicle production due to the larger amount of common components.

    Though in comparison with the Discovery 3, the Range Rover Sport has smaller dimensions what makes it impossible to accommodate the third row of passengers. The Range Rover Sport has a powerful 4.2-litre Jaguar AJ-V8 engine which is made absolutely of aluminium and is capable to produce 390 hp, or 290 kW. The engine has been designed with an oil pick-up system and sump in order to allow the vehicle operation at extreme angles. Unfortunately, because of the lack of demand and popularity, the engine was replaced by the advanced 2.7-litre turbodiesel TDV6 in 2007. It was able to produce 190 hp, or 140 kW. The suspension components of the Land Rover Sport are similar to Porsche 911. The vehicle also has an extra height which can be accessed by holding the corresponding button when the height during off-road driving is not enough.

    The Terrain Response system, which was first applied in the Discovery 3, is the Land Rover’s own system which allows the driver to regulate chassis and transmission settings in order to suit the terrain the driver travels through. The second Range Rover Sport generation was presented on March, 27, 2013. The Sport design is the improved Evoque and full-size 2014 Range Rover styling. Unlike the first generation, the Range Rover Sport has monocoque body entirely made of aluminium just as the L405 Range Rover model does.

    On August, 11, 2014 the Land Rover announced the Range Rover Special Vehicle Racing model with numerous performance improvements. The Range Rover Sport SVR has a completely revised front bumper, main grille finished in black and significantly larger ducts. The 5.0-litre V8 engine was also borrowed from the Jaguar F-Type. The improvements on the new Range Rover model make the SVR capable of 0-60 mph just in 4.5 seconds and the highest speed of 162 mph, one of the quickest among its analogues. That is why when talking about Range Rover Sport many people claim it the car which broke all sorts of records. The new model brought Land Rover a new direction for production and thousands of new customers and enthusiasts on the brand new market. To make sure that your Sport works properly choose Genuine Range Rover Sport parts which provide strength, balance, safety and durability. You can find them either on the website of the Range Rover manufacturer or in trustworthy UKAR AUTO online shop.

    Range Rover Sport parts Catalogue UKAR AUTO

    UKAR AUTO online shop offers Range Rover enthusiasts a wide range of Range Rover Sport spares and accessories which you can find in our Range Rover Sport parts catalogue. We thoroughly check and test all Range Rover Sport spare parts we offer our customers so be sure of making a durable and high-quality improvement of your Sport. UKAR AUTO also offers a wide assortment of items to make your Range Rover Sport look as perfect as the day you first saw it. If you are looking for the high-quality Range Rover Sport parts from the shop to trust to, then UKAR AUTO is the place to choose. You can find all Range Rover Sport spares you need for the highly competitive price. Our technicians are always glad to help you to choose the exact Range Rover Sport spare parts needed for your car repair. If you have problems with finding Range Rover Sport spares you need, please feel free to contact us.

  • Range Rover L322
  • Range Rover L405
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Range Rover parts and accessories Catalogue

The Range Rover is a large luxury full-sized four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle, or simply SUV, produced by the British multinational car producer Land Rover, part of the Jaguar Land Rover Group that is owned by the Indian business conglomerate TATA Motors and serve as a perfect flagship model. Nowadays since the Range Rover was launched in early 1970, the vehicle is now in its fourth generation, what is really an impressive indicator. It is also important to mention, that Range Rover has been developed as the premium brand of the company-producer and is used as a brand name for an expanded model line of the Range Rover to include various design, they are the Range Rover Sport, launched in 2005 and Range Rover Evoque, launched in 2011. The drivers with a huge driving experience know that from time to time different auto parts need to be replaced and price for Range Rover spares can be shocking sometimes. We propose you to buy Range Rover parts in our online shop UKAR AUTO for the best price and of the best quality. Using a simple navigation on our website you can easily find our Range Rover parts catalogue to find what you need, compare price with our competitors, make sure that we offer the best items for reasonable price and make an order.

Buy Range Rover spare parts for Classic, Evoque, P38, Sport

If you are looking for the Range Rover spares and accessories for the Classic model, theт you can feel confident while choosing UKAR AUTO online store as we have a wide range of parts that are known to perfectly fit correctly in your auto. We do not support the politics of guessing or finger crossing when it comes to the cars of our customers. We clearly note which Range Rover spares will fit your car the best so all you need to do is just to make an order. In UKAR AUTO catalogue for Range Rover Classic you can find everything from brake parts and wipers to engine components and parts for the vehicle’s body. If you are admired of Range Rover Evoque, then on our website you can find exclusive Range Rover spare parts from oil filters to any replacement parts you need.

Being launched in 2001, Range Rover Evoque has quickly become the remarkable and essential representative of the SUV lineup. As the Range Rover Evoque owner, you know that this model perfectly suits both for driving within the city or for an escape to the mountains. Buy Range Rover parts in UKAR AUTO and we ensure the longevity and perfect performance of your vehicle. Talking about Range Rover P38 it is essential to say that it is the best choice for drivers to put thousands miles across the country. Though, it costs them to repair Range Rover spares more often, than other models require to. If you one of those enthusiasts who are seeing for genuine, aftermarket or OEM Range Rover parts, then UKAR AUTO is a store to choose. In our catalogue you can find high-quality spares for Range Rover P38 to keep your car running as it should. Besides, our shop offers a great assortment of spares for owners of legendary Range Rover Sport.