About us

UKAR AUTO company

UKAR AUTO is one of the most trusted online retailers of spare parts. Since 2014, when the company was created, we are dedicated to providing durable products and high level of professionalism. We are committed to the ongoing development and for two years we could find nine professional and reliable people to be able to answer any your question and satisfy all your needs. We are opened to the world and ideas it has, as it is the key to trustful connection between the shop and customers. For now UKAR AUTO proposes its clients high-quality Land Rover spare parts and kits for Land Rover and several other car brands, but it is just the beginning of company’s development. What we have now is what our competitors could offer in three-four years after being created.

UKAR AUTO online shop proudly takes its position on spare parts market. As any company oriented on long- term success, we have a clearly defined aim- to start distributing not only Land Rover parts, but also spares and accessories for worldwide known car brands, like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Minicooper and other car brands. More than that in two years we are planning to expand the production of repairing kits, so that we could be useful for every driver in any parts of the world.

Why us

You could ask why us? Why you need to choose UKA AUTO? Well, it goes without saying:

  • We have a deal only with high-quality, durable and reliable spare parts for the vehicles so that any client could come to us again and recommend our company to others. We are responsible for the quality of provided products.
  • We have reasonable prices. Profit is not company’s aim. Satisfied clients are of the most value.
  • We provide standardized Genuine, OEM and aftermarket spare parts for your auto, but our competitors may feel envy when it comes to UKAR AUTO’s service. 24/7 our customer support is ready to answer any question and solve any unsolvable problem.
  • We are focused on development, so we are interested in our customers having good feedback.
  • We guarantee a smooth and safe ride wherever you decide to go: from droughty desert to moist and muddy swampland.

Contact information

5415-A Vine Street
Alexandria, VA22310
United States

Company address

Phone: 1 844 344-1177
Email: ukarauto@gmail.com
Email: support@ukarauto.com

Contact information

Our desire to make our future has made us act long-term and be the icon of the continuous innovative strength. UKAR AUTO shop has always been true to its clients and will always do so. Exclusive services and highly-competitive prices make the company impressively demanded worldwide. Simplicity, security and convenience are things our clients have. We promise a guarantee for 30 days.

With outstanding results, we make our customers to experience UKAR AUTO as a company to try. Our product assortment covers a huge number of products which is rapidly growing. So, if you are in search of reliable but cheap spare parts for your auto, UKAR AUTO is your top choice. Once you made an order, you can expect for your item being delivered in the shortest time period right to your door, that is really convenient. If you have problems with finding what you need, feel free to contact us either via phone or email 24/7.

UKAR AUTO has created a secure online shop where you can find needed spare parts for car repairing process or improvement. We have simplified shopping to the bitter end. With all the benefits UKAR AUTO has, shopping stops being a problem. Make sure about it yourself, ordering spare parts in UKAR AUTO online shop right now.