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Range Rover Classic

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Range Rover Classic spare parts and accessories

Range Rover Classic is a luxury 4x4 SUV series by trustful British car producer Land Rover from 1970 to 1996. Initially the Range Rover Classic was presented on the market only in a 2-door version until 1981 when the vehicle became available in a 4-door body style. Though 2-door Rovers were manufactured up to January 1994. Initially the car was presented as the Land Rover that could go off-road or be hosed out when required.

Additionally the vehicle was equipped with a V8 engine, coil springs and solid axles. Range Rover Classis corresponds to the first generation of autos produced under the Range Rover brand name. By the way, every Land Rover Classic owner has to know that the man who designed the original Range Rover was Charles Spencer King. Since Range Rover Classic was presented to the customers, the producers have not stopped modifying and improving the style and luxury of the vehicle, so that Range Rover Classic has quickly become the most recognized and beloved premium brand all over the globe. If you are one of those lucky people who owe the fantastic 4x4 Land Rover Classic, then you need best Range Rover Classic parts to take care of the vehicle and be sure it works as it should.

UKAR AUTO online shop of auto parts has a wide range of Range Rover Classic spares to offer: from body parts and interior/exterior accessories to radiators and exhausts. So, take a look at UKAR AUTO detailed virtual catalogue for the Classic Range Rover parts you need for the most competitive and reasonable price. If you can`t find the Range Rover Classic spares and accessories you are trying to find, please feel free to ask for help our customer support anytime 7 days a week and our team will order that for you. UKAR AUTO can offer you aftermarket, Genuine and OEM quality Range Rover Classic parts and spares. Like other models of Land Rover, the Land Rover Classic’s bodywork skin is made of lightweight aluminum. Afterwards the producers started to hang aluminum panels on a steel safety frame, what allowed the Range Rover’s bodywork to carry significantly greater structural strength.

The engine of Range Rover Classic was a detuned 135p version of the V8 engine. In 1992 Land Rover was equipped with its own 200Tdi turbocharged diesel engine and 300Tdi in 1994. It is also remarkable that initially the Range Rover Classic was a favorite choice for ambulances across the United Kingdom. Anyway, whatever Range Rover model you drive and however you drive it- your single source of best premium Classic Range Rover parts is UKAR AUTO. More than that, ordering Range Rover Classic spares in UKAR AUTO you will guaranty get the warranty of returning products or money that you have paid back. Unlike many other Rover parts, UKAR properly inspects and tests the products before being sent to the customers. We are dedicated to Range Rover and wanna do the best for our customers by providing best-quality spare parts and honest customer support. UKAR AUTO is online shop to trust to.