What is Land Rover Thermostat and How to Replace One?

The thermostat is the most important element of your Land Rover, as the health of your car depends on it. Imagine if your thermostat stops working, the vehicle will overheat and seize, causing damage to the engine. It is also possible that the heater function of your Land Rover would stop which can be dangerous to your health in cold conditions. So, it’s imperative to have a working thermostat at your disposal.

In the event of a thermostat malfunction, what would you do? Either call an auto service or take it to the workshop, right? But how about fixing it yourself because nothing beats the satisfaction of fixing your Land Rover all on your own. On the plus side, you save a lot of money too.

But wait - you don’t know how to do that?

Well don’t sweat it, that’s what we’re here for. We will walk you through the step by step process of replacing the thermostat of your Land Rover and all the important stuff you need to know about.

What is a Land Rover Thermostat? How Does it Work?

A thermostat is a valve in the cooling system that is used to regulate the engine temperature. It opens and closes with respect to the temperature of the engine coolant that is circulating throughout.

When you first start your Land Rover, the engine coolant is at ambient temperature, and hence the valve remains closed. Thereby blocking its flow to the radiator and only allowing it to flow inside the engine. This allows the engine to warm up faster and therefore promotes great fuel efficiency, lower engine deposits, and reduced emissions.

When the engine reaches the design temperature, often around 195-degree Fahrenheit, the thermostat valve opens and allows the engine coolant to flow in the radiator. This is where it cools off and keeps the engine of your Land Rover from overheating. Moreover, this valve keeps up its open and close cycle during the drive to keep the coolant temperature between 195-225 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What are The Symptoms of a Bad Thermostat?

Thermostat malfunction causes two sets of problems. It eventually depends on the position of the valve, whether it is stuck in an open position or closed.

  • - If the valve is jammed in an open position, it will lead the engine to run colder than usual and eventually the check engine light will turn on. In fact, this leads to heater blowing cold air instead of hot and the Land Rover exhibits poor mileage.
    - Similarly, in the case of a valve being stuck in a closed position, the engine and in turn the vehicle will suffer from overheating.

Can I Drive With a Bad Thermostat?

Well, the answer to this question is twofold. It depends on the type of failure your Land Rover thermostat is experiencing.

For instance, if the valve is jammed closed, then NO! You should not be driving that vehicle. Why? Because if you don’t stop immediately, the engine will overheat super quick and will lead to irreversible damage to it within a few minutes. An overheating vehicle should always be shut off immediately and towed instead.

In case of a stuck valve in open position, it will most likely not cause an engine problem. Although you will notice the poor performance of your Land Rover, ineffective heater, and poor mileage. So, you should replace it as soon as possible.

How Often Do The Thermostats Need to be Replaced?

It all depends on the make and model of your Land Rover and the driving conditions. Unlike other components of your Land Rover, it doesn’t wear in the same way but will eventually fail and require replacement. So, it is a safe bet to replace the thermostat during the preventive maintenance of the cooling system.

When to Replace The Thermostat of your Land Rover?

Below are the few pointers to keep an eye for, if you see any of them it is probably time to replace the thermostat.

  • - Overheating Engine:

The most common cause of engine heating leads back to thermostat valve stuck in jammed in closed position. However, it is not limited to it - there may be other factors contributing to it.

Therefore, the cooling system has to be thoroughly inspected before getting rid of the thermostat. Since there is no way of determining how bad the overheating was, so the cylinder head gasket has to be inspected to see if blew or not. If so, then it will be repaired first.

  • - Temperature Gauge Extreme Readings:

Sometimes, the thermostat gets sticky and in turn, leads to engine deviating from the optimal temperature range. So, keep an eye on your dashboard because the mounted temperature gauge will warn you about this failure.

How to Diagnose The Thermostat Issue?

As there are a lot of problems that could lead to engine overheating, a full inspection of the cooling system has to be carried out.

The first thing you can do is to check the engine temperature sensor and the thermostat opening temperature. If the engine suffered from overheating check for signs of damage. Furthermore, engines of modern age usually have a few plastic parts such as thermostat housings and intake manifolds. These parts have the tendency to distort under a severe temperature from overheating. So, there should be a proper check (for leaks) of these parts alongside the head gasket.

How Much Does The Thermostat Replacement Cost to Get it Fixed by an Auto Service?

The replacement of the Land Rover thermostat will cost you around $150-$452 if you opt for an auto-service. It includes the cost of the new thermostat and the labor costs that incurs. These costs may vary depending upon your location, make and model of your Land Rover, and the manufacturer you choose to buy parts from.

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How to Replace The Thermostat?

Here is a detailed tutorial.

Working Time

30-40 minutes

Parts That You May Need

Step by Step Guide for Replacing Land Rover’s Thermostat

Following is a list of the general steps for replacing the Land Rover’s thermostat, that should help you in doing the job. Therefore, bring your tool kit out of the shed and get ready. If you don’t have one check some out at UKAR Auto Parts.

  • - First of all, open the hood and let the engine cool down completely.
  • - Then loosen the radiator cap and drain the coolant so that the thermostat housing becomes visible.
  • - Next, remove the thermostat housing and fish out the gasket. Some models have more than one thermostat in the cooling system which means both of them may need replacement.
  • - Remove and clean the old gasket material at each opening in the thermostat housing.
  • - After that, apply new gaskets, and install the new thermostat in a proper orientation, i.e. the cylinder that senses temperature is facing downwards towards the engine.
  • - After the installation, tighten the bolts to the thermostat housing with a torque wrench.
  • - Next up, fill the cooling system or the radiator with adequate coolant and fully bleed out the air.
  • - Following that, you must run the Land Rover engine until you achieve the operating temperature.
  • - Then check the coolant level and make sure that it is flowing through the radiator. It confirms that the thermostat valve is open.
  • - You can check it either visually or via an infrared thermometer gun.
  • - In the end, you must check the engine for leaks.

Final Words

This was a detailed tutorial on how to replace the faulty thermostat of your Land Rover. We covered everything in detail about the thermostats, their problems, diagnosis, and how to replace them in case of a malfunction.

By now you must have realized, it’s not that difficult or time-consuming. In fact, it serves to save you a lot of money on labor costs of auto service. So, don’t waste your time and money on these car services and do it yourself with the help of this detailed guide.

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