1. Purpose

The agreement sets out terms and conditions for cooperation between online-store UKARAUTO Parts (“Company”) and XX (“Partner”). Company is the leading online-store in USA, which offers high-quality auto parts for Land Rover cars. Company undertakes to provide Partner with the detailed information about Partnership Program. Partner undertakes to foster customer engagement on the site of the Company according to the terms of agreement, defined in this document, in exchange for commission.

2. Rights and Obligations

2.1. To join the Partnership Program, Partner must register on Company’s website

2.2. Decision on cooperation with the Partner is in the sole discretion of Company. Company is not obliged to explain the reason for its decision.

2.3. Partner agrees to comply with Company’s terms, conditions, policies and procedures.

2.4. Partner cannot run automatic lead-generation or make browser redirection to any URL provided by the Company. Partner agrees that Company can process traffic audit on the Partner’s website page in order to track the conversion rate.

2.4. Partner agrees to use the links, provided by the Company. If Partner uses other link, Company withdraws from its obligations.

3. Commission

3.1. When Partner directs Client to the site of the Company, Partner receives the commission only in case if Client confirms and proceeds the payment for the Product, offered by Company. Commission is paid building on the information contained in the Partnership Program commission system.

3.2. Commission is confirmed and paid once uponreceiving the payment for the Product. This is only possible when Client does not request the refund.

3.3. When Partner directs Client to the site of the Company, Partner is obliged to use the link given in the Partnership Program materials, prepared by Company. Otherwise, Company does not pay the commission. Company monitors visitors of the Partner’s website during 270 days and pays 5% commission from the amount of every confirmed paid order.

3.4. Company pays the commission from the price of the product without VAT.

3.5. When the amount of commissions has reached 1$ and more, Partner can request withdrawal of funds during 15 days.

3.6. The payment of the commission to Partner can be proceeded through PayPal payment system.

3.7. Partner takes the responsibility of providing Company with the relevant payment information according to the payment method chosen. If Partner has provided incorrect payment information, Company does not take the responsibility of not receiving the payment by Partner.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 Partner agrees not to violate media rights owned by the Company.

4.2. Partner has the right to use personal materials for engaging Clients to the site of the Company. In this case, Company has no responsibility of sharing costs required for preparing such materials. Company is not liable for copyright infringement done by the Partner.

5. Representations, Warrantees and Indemnification

5.1. Partner guarantees that he (Partner) has the authority and full power to enter into this Agreement and obey its regulations.

5.2. Partner agrees not to offer any special incentives such as discounts, prizes, vouchers or any other encouraging compliments in order to motivate Customers to buy products. It is only possible if such special conditions are specified in Partnership Agreement.

5.3. Partner guarantees that materials of the Company are constantly present on Partner’s website and these materials are posted without any mistakes or technical errors.


6. Communications

6.1. After the Client has submitted an order or registered on Company’s website, Company takes the responsibility for the procedure for ordering and direct communication with the Client. Partner cannot communicate with the Client in the matter of products or activities of the Company. If Partner has received any question from the Client related to the products or service of the Company, Partner directs Client to the Company.

6.2. Notifications. All notifications that are required according to this Agreement must be made in a written form and sent through email to the second party. Partner’s email address is mentioned in the Partnership Program system.


7. Confidentiality

7.1. Partner cannot use Company’s information for delivering junk mails, sending spam emails, spreading bulk communication, distributing lists and chain letters.


8. Cancellation

8.1. Company has the right to cancel the Agreement immediately in case if Partner has violated any rule, stated in this Agreement.

8.2. Either party can terminate the agreement unilaterally at any time without specifying the reason.