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Land Rover launched Series 1 model as an off-road vehicle in 1948. It was meant for farming and basic industrial applications and had a steel box chassis with body made of aluminium. The diesel models were introduced in1957 in station wagon & utility body styles. Based on the success of Series 1, it was time to bring out the Series 2 model fitted with Land Rover Series 2 parts in 1958. Around this time the Land Rover was improved using modern interior and exterior parts with the drive train.

After the successful story of Series 1 and Series 2 there was the introduction of Series 2A. There were minor designing changes due to the positive response to Series 2. Not much variation was done in the styling and detailing between the Series 2 and Series 2A models. The Series IIA was fixed with Land Rover Series 2A parts and Series Land Rover parts are revered by many fans as very sturdy.

Land Rovers were globally accredited by 1971 with introduction of Series 3 fitted with and presented finer aspects and ease. This version was made with the intention to rise above competition in the 4x4 category and it proved itself as is evident even today. This was sustained for many years and the increasing demand of the 12 seater version continued when they introduced the later Series models. The Series 3 had many of the parts similar to its earlier versions with same style of body and engine components.

Approximately 440,000 models were manufactured during 1971-1985 and Series 3 was most visible of the Series versions. There is a large selection of Land Rover Series parts: Series 1 Land Rover parts, Series 2-2a Land Rover parts, Series 3 Land Rover parts and Land Rover modes spares for sale offered on UKARAUTO

Land Rover Series 1

Land Rover Series 1 spares

Land Rover Series 2/2a

Land Rover Series 2/2a spares

Land Rover Series 3

Land Rover Series 3 spares

Land Rover Series 1The Land Rover Series was a simple vehicle with door tops with roof and some were optional add-ons. In 1950, they relocated the light parts from rear to protruding position through the grille. Although the standard ten-seater version was popular, the twelve-seater Series II Station Wagon model featured the 109-inch (2,800 mm) wheelbase. Series 2 model was revamped by Chief Stylist David Bache. He tried to disguise the wider track with a trim design and also improved the looks with curvy side windows and a rounded roof that is still popular.

The Series II also had the current 2.25-litre petrol engine. In 1969 (home market) there were changes made by moving the headlamps relocated into the wings for all versions including the export quality. The sill panels were redesigned later on. The grille on the Series 1, 2 and 2A was switched with a plastic grille for the Series3. The trims were also modified to make the interiors more roomy and comfortable. However, a lot of the farming and commercial clients liked the old minimalist interiors.

Land Rover Series modifications

While in the beginning some clients liked the Land Rover Series' capacities without the new designing and furnishings, in 1949 Land Rover introduced another body style "Station Wagon". This was manufactured by Tickford who at that time was a very famous vehicle builder. The bodywork was made of wood frame and was a 7 seated vehicle. It had a single piece windscreen that was laminated, leather seats, heater, internal trim & other options.

The station wagons were fitted with "Safari Roof" that helped with better temperature control in summer and winter due to roof ventilation. A 2.0-litre diesel engine model was launched in 1957.
In 1970s better parts were used to increase safety standards. The metal dashboard was replaced with plastic dashboard and the instrument panel moved to the driver side instead of central area of the vehicle. This attributed more comfort and space.

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