The New Technologies Land Rover Is Going to Release in 2019

The Jaguar Land Rover is always developing new technologies in order to meet the demand of clients for new features and to affirm the company’s excellence in innovation and performance. In 2019, there are several main advancements in Land Rover Vehicles we expect to get to market.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) system

In our previous article about Land Rover updates for 2018 and 2019 model year, we have already mentioned that PHEV system will be available for some vehicles of the brand in the beginning of 2019. It is important to mention that plug-in-hybrid vehicles increase in popularity very rapidly, so the leading British car manufacturer wants to keep up with the widely spread trend. The main reason for this technology to be in high demand is that drivers do not need to compromise between electric and gasoline options, so this offers a way better variability. Other important factors are the reduced amount of CO2 emission (71g/km as for Land Rover vehicles) and the ability to save on gasoline consumption.

The basis for the Land Rover’s PHEV motor modification is the 2.0 liter 300PS Si4 Ingenium engine, which is complemented with the capacity of 105kW electric motor. It can work in the Parallel mode using both petrol engine and electric drive as well as in only Electric Vehicle mode for distances up to 48 km. The PHEV system will be available in 2019 in Range Rover PHEV and Range Rover Sport PHEV models.

Traffic lights recognition

Aimed at improving the traffic flow, the GLOSA system (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) developed by Land Rover tells the driver what speed it has to maintain in order to pass the next green light. This means that the driver will not have to accelerate and brake over and over again. Instead, it will keep the smooth driving speed, which consequently will optimize the traffic speed and reduce the emission of CO2. Tests and development of this vehicle-to-infrastructure system were supported by the British Government in frames of the UK Autodrive project.

Automatic door opening

Another technology, which has been developed by the Jaguar Land Rover and in the nearest future will be fitted with most models of the brand is the automatic door opening. The system has been tested on the Range Rover Sport, but it is planned to make it available for other vehicles. The system uses a few core technologies - sensors of motion, gesture recognition, and keyless opening, which is an already existing feature (InControl system allows to open the door via the app. More about InControl system features you may find here).

The automatic door opening, according to the Land Rover, has to help drivers with disabilities as well as in case of bringing many goods to the car. After opening the door and getting inside the driver can close it with the button located over the driver’s head. It is notable, that currently automatic opening is now assumed for front doors only, however it might be changed in the future. When opening the door, the driver shouldn’t worry if it will bump into something - the embedded sensors will prevent it.




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