Advanced Technological Solutions In The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic

It goes without saying that Land Rover has changed the understanding of how premium SUV should look like by releasing the Land Rover Range Rover in 1970. Thanks to the unique combination of refinement, elegance and impressive driving performance of this car, the company has sold more than one million Range Rovers all over the world.

Today the Range Rover model line starts with Land Rover Range Rover in modifications Vogue, HSE, Supercharged, Autobiography, SVAutobiography, SVAutobiography Dynamics and such independent models as Range Rover Sport, Evoque and Velar that are also available in different modifications.

The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic has complemented the line of luxury SUV presenting an improved version of semi-automatic driving and advanced technological solutions, applied to the models of 2017 year. The same as the Range Rover Sport SVR, the SVAutobiography Dynamic has V8 engine performing 550HP and the maximum torque 680 Nm. Despite that new Range Rover model was created basing on SVAutobiography, which has a long wheelbase, the Dynamic is only available with a standard wheelbase and adaptive low suspension.The car is equipped with 8-speed gearbox and can reach the speed 100 km/h in 5,4 seconds.

Excellent driving performance on different types of terrain is a distinguishing feature of all Range Rover сars. The SVAutobiography Dynamic, as well as other models of 2017, has the function Low Traction Launch, which allows driver to start on a slippery surface like wet grass, snow or ice. By adjusting the torque, the system prevents wheel spin and saves the clutch. A driver can activate function Low Traction Launch using the system Terrain Response 2, which will be active until the car reaches 30 km/h.

Other innovative technologies are also aiming at offering an autonomous driving performance. One of the new functions is Advanced Tow Assist, which helps the driver while going astern with trailer. Recognizing road signs, a smart speed limitation device automatically adjusts the speed. At the same time, the system displays possible trajectories and can automatically handle driving. Another system that ensures safety includes an option of blind spots monitoring, which allows a driver to be automatically drawn back to his/her traffic lane.

The exterior of SVAutobiography Dynamic is supplemented by car breaks Brembo with red calipers, 21 or 22-inch wheels and chromated exhaust tubes. Stylish Graphite Atlas elements, which one can see on the front grill, bumper, hood and doors add the final touch to the elegant look of this Rage Rover model, which is available in 19 colors. The interior is lined with leather. Especially beautiful look seats that are decorated with argyle pattern. The front panel goes completed with 10-inch sensor display, which reacts not only to the touches but also to the gestures of a driver.

For the new modifications of 2017 year, it is possible to purchase multimedia system InControl Touch Pro, which allows driver and passenger both see different content. The dual-view function assumes the opportunity of adjusting homepage as well as improving navigation. For instance, the system will help you to build the complete route of the trip, which will be also available at the application for a smartphone. InControl Touch Pro also includes the functions of remote control of the vehicle, being able to regulate climate, signalization and engine’s work.

The price for the SVAutobiography Dynamic starts from $171,000 and may vary depending on a retailer. In our online store, you can order spare parts and accessories for the new models as well as previously released ones. Ukarauto is authorized partner of parts manufacturers so that enables us to make orders directly from the factories. Therefore, our prices are much lower than the prices of other dealers. We ship all products worldwide in the best terms possible. Check our online catalogue and feel free to contact us in case you need a particular product that you cannot find.



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