How to Clean Up Your 2016 Discovery 4 Without Damaging Anything

Vehicle maintenance is very important as it can extend the life span of your precious 2016 Discovery 4. While regular daily and monthly checkups, and regular visits to a JLR approved car shop is one part of it, cleaning is also a very important thing to consider. Especially if you take your car offroad, or drive it during the winter when there is a lot of salt on the roads.


It is also important to know that the 2016 Discovery 4 can be damaged during cleaning. This is why you should take a moment of your time to learn how to clean your car properly and without damaging anything. We compiled a list of tips that you will find very useful if you decide to clean your car on your own.

How to Clean the 2016 Discovery 4 Exterior

The finish of the 2016 Discovery 4 Exterior is sensitive to scratching. If you decide to use a valeting service take out the Owner’s handbook and make sure that the cleaning crew is aware of the cleaning instructions in it.


Before washing the vehicle, inspect it for deposits of dirt and mud. Remove them with a hose before you start washing the vehicle’s exterior. This also applies to bird droppings, which you should remove as soon as possible as they contain corrosive substances that can damage your car.


If you are using a high-pressure cleaning system, play it safe. Why? Because some systems are so powerful that you can easily penetrate window and door seals with them. You might even end up damaging the door and locks. When using a high-pressure cleaning system, never aim it directly at:

  • - Doors seals
  • - Sunroof seals
  • - Windows seals
  • - Engine air intake
  • - Heater air intake


If you decide to polish your car after the wash, don’t polish unpainted areas found on bumper mouldings as you will disrupt their finish structure and they will become ingrained.


Finally, when you finish washing the exterior, jump inside and take your vehicle for a short drive to dry out the brakes.

How to Clean Sensors and Cameras

The 2016 Discover 4 features very important park aid and assist sensors. Keeping them clean ensures good performance and accuracy. You can clean them with an approved vehicle shampoo. Using any other products may cause damage and render the sensor inoperable.


While you are using a water jet, pay extra attention to cameras and sensors. Let the water drop down over them, but make sure not to aim the water directly at them. If your cameras caught up extra dirt, remove it by using a glass-cleaning product applied on a piece of cloth.

How to Clean the 2016 Discovery 4 Underbody

The underbody of your vehicle also deserves regular attention because it collects mud and debris. Make sure to regularly flush it when you are cleaning your vehicle. Aim the water jet at areas where the mud is collected, around the front and back wheels.


Take a minute or two to closely inspect the underbody. If you detect any corrosion or damage, contact an authorized repairer and get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

How to Clean Your Vehicle After Off-Road Driving

Areas around the lower grille and radiator should be cleans as soon as possible to prevent the engine from overheating. Aim the hose pipe at the front bumper to remove debris and mud collected on the air conditioning condenser and radiator. Also, check and clean the underbody as described above.

How to Clean Engine Compartment

The engine compartment should not be cleaned under any circumstances with a steam cleaner or high-pressure washer because it may damage interior components. After you clean the engine compartment, use a dry piece of cloth to clean the brake fluid cap and reservoir.

How to Clean Alloy Wheels

You can clean the alloy wheel on the 2016 Discovery 4 with a range of approved wheel cleaning products. Make sure to check the Owner’s manual and the label on the cleaning products to ensure you are using a proper one, otherwise you may cause damage and end up having to replace alloy wheels.

How to Clean The Interior

Before purchasing cleaning products for your vehicle's interior, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of the products may contain abrasive substances which may cause damage to the interior. On top of that, some cleaning products are harmful and can cause health problems.


Never polish the instrument panel as it will become more reflective and may disrupt you while driving.

How to Clean Controls and Switches

To clean the controls and switches in a safe and secure manner, you will have to use a lint-free, dry and soft cloth. Consult the manufacturer's instructions to find the approved cleaning products. Don’t spray the product directly onto the switches and controls. Spray it onto the cloth, apply gentle pressure and clean the controls and switches.

How To Clean Fabric and Leather Upholstery

Cloth and plastic surfaces inside your vehicle should be cleaned with non-detergent soap and warm water only. After you are done, use a soft cloth to wipe clean fabric upholstery.


If your vehicle features leather upholstery, you should never use chemicals, alcohol, or abrasive substances to clean it. Consult the manual to find out which products you may use. If you do not follow this rule, you will invalidate the warranty. The leather upholstery should be cleaned every 1 to 2 months.


Start by cleaning the leather surfaces with a non-coloured, damp, and clean cloth. If you are unable to remove all dirt, damp the cloth in warm water with non-caustic, mild soap. If this doesn’t help, use the vehicle manufacturer's leather cleaner. Once you are finished, dry the leather off with a new piece of a dry and soft cloth.

How to Clean Seat Belts, Carpets, and Mats

When you are cleaning seat belts, make sure not to allow cleaning products or water to enter the belt mechanism. Before you start, you want to extend the belts fully. Apply warm water with non-detergent soap and clean the belts. Keep them fully extended until they are completely dry.


The stains and marks on your carpets and mats can be removed with warm water and soap. You can also use carpet cleaning products if water and soap are not enough.

How To Clean Airbag Module Covers

To preserve the correct deployment of the airbags, you should clean the airbag module covers only with an upholstery cleaner on a slightly dampened cloth.

How To Clean Displays and Screens

Use a lightly moistened cloth and apply gentle pressure when cleaning screens and displays. Don’t ever use cleaning products or chemicals as you will cause damage.

How To Clean Blocked Washer Jets

To unlock a blocked washer jet, insert a thin strand of wire into the washer jet. Once you are done, remove the wire from the jet.


This sums up everything you need to know about cleaning your 2016 Discovery 4 without damaging anything.



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