How to Clean Up Your 2019 Range Rover Sport Without Causing Any Damage

Before you start cleaning your 2019 Range Rover Sport, it's extremely important to keep in mind that some approaches can actually create scratches in the finish or otherwise damage the vehicle.

This short guide is meant to give you the most useful tips on how to keep your luxurious vehicle perfectly clean without causing any damage to the exterior or the interior of your Range Rover. Follow these instructions and you'll always have the cleanest vehicle in your neighbourhood.

The exterior

If your best option is using a cleaning service, it's recommended that you take certain precautionary measures to prevent damage. You can do so by consulting the Owner's Handbook and instructing the service staff on the advised cleaning instructions.

Before you wash the exterior, make sure to remove any heavy deposits of dirt and mud, as these can damage the exterior. You should avoid using high-pressure cleaning systems. If you're cleaning the wiper blades, put the vehicle in the winter park position to prevent damage.

Instantly remove any corrosive substances to ensure damage prevention to the vehicle's paintwork. Avoid unapproved cleaning products and applying polish to bumper mouldings. Pay special attention to:

  • - Tar spots
  • - Wax
  • - Fuels, grease, and oils
  • - Tree resin
  • - Fingerprints
  • - Bird droppings
  • - Insect remains

Sensors and cameras

If you're using a high-pressure water jet to wash your vehicle, make sure that you don't aim the jets directly at any of the cameras and sensors, but most importantly, avoid using any sharp or hard objects or abrasive materials to clean cameras and sensors.

Only use approved products. Usually, a small amount of approved glass-cleaning product and a cloth will do the job quite well.

Underbody maintenance

When it comes to the underbody of your vehicle, the best thing to do is to flush it regularly with clean, plain water. It's important to focus on areas where debris, dirt, and mud collect. Do regular checks and inspections of your underbody to make sure there's no corrosion or damage.

Engine compartment

Before you start cleaning the engine compartment of your vehicle, keep in mind that replacing, removing or disassembling connectors, cables or high voltage components isn't recommended. If there's any need for repair or maintenance, hire professionals to avoid getting injured or damaging your vehicle.

When it comes to cleaning the engine compartment, avoid steam cleaners and high-pressure washers, but most importantly, always keep the brake fluid reservoir dry. If you're cleaning the brake fluid reservoir, use a dry, clean cloth.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are best cleaned using the approved cleaning products, so make sure you only use the recommended products for the best effect.

The interior

Before moving on to the interior cleaning, it's also important to keep in mind that certain cleaning products might damage your interior. The best thing to do is to consult your car maintenance service or read the instructions in the Owner's Handbook.

This is essential to keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible. Additionally, certain cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and substances that might cause unexpected health problems.

Controls and switches

When cleaning controls and switches, it's best to use nothing but a lint-free, dry, and soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning products and make sure you don't apply excessive pressure.

Avoid spraying and using any kind of liquid, as it can damage controls and switches, as well as the electronics in the control board. Avoid using domestic cleaning products, solvents, and chemical agents, as well as abrasive or sharp objects, as these can damage the components.

Fabric upholstery

It's important that you keep in mind never to polish the instrument panel. Polished surfaces tend to be reflective and might cause problems with your vision while driving. If there's a need to clean the upholstery, use only non-detergent soap and warm water to clean cloth-faced and plastic surfaces and wipe them clean with a dry, soft cloth.

Airbag module covers

If there's any need to clean your airbag module covers, use only the approved upholstery cleaner in small amounts and a slightly dampened soft cloth.

Avoid any chemicals or other substances as these might get into the airbag mechanism and cause it to malfunction when deploying an airbag due to the effect of an impact.

Since this could cause serious injuries during an accident, even death, it's best to take extra precaution when cleaning your airbag covers.

Mats and carpets

Before we give you a tip on how to clean your carpets and mats, it's crucial for your safety that you properly position and secure your floor mats before driving. Avoid placing one mat on top of the other, as incorrectly positioned and unsecured mats can cause the obstruction of the accelerator or brake pedal, which could seriously endanger you and your passengers.

Use warm water and regular soap to make a weak solution that will easily remove any stains or marks. Scrub gently until your carpets and mats are clean. If you have hard-to-scrub stains, a recommended carpet cleaner should do just fine.

Displays and screens

Always keep your displays and screens as clean as possible, as failing to do so might lead to incidents, accidents, and collisions, which could cause serious damage to your health and the health of others. Avoid using polishing products, as they may interfere with your view. Keep this in mind when cleaning your displays and screens:

  • - Don't apply excessive pressure.
  • - Avoid leaving fingerprints on your screens.
  • - Keep your screens out of the sunlight.
  • - Don't allow abrasive, hard or sharp objects to come near your screens.
  • - Avoid using domestic cleaning products and chemical agents.
  • - Use only an approved cloth that comes with the vehicle.


With these useful cleaning tips, your 2019 Range Rover Sport will always be in the best shape, ensuring maximum pleasure, comfort, performance, and safety while on the road.



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