How to Keep the Tires on Your Land Rover 2016 Discovery Sport in Perfect Shape

Of all the parts and systems found in your Land Rover 2016 Discovery Sport, the tires probably play the most important role when it comes to road and offroad safety and security.


Unfortunately, many owners don’t know about it, leaving the condition of the tires unchecked without providing the proper maintenance. Despite their importance, the tiers are not the first thing an average car owner thinks about.


The perfect shape of tires ensures equivalent support of the 2016 Discovery Sport’s load, the proper transmission of traction and braking forces to the road, absorption of road shocks, and maintaining and changing the direction of travel. You can ensure that all of this runs smoothly by learning how to keep the tires in perfect shape. Here is what you need to do.

Regularly Inspect the Tires

The tires can easily get damaged. The problem is that you, as a driver, won't be able to notice any difference while driving the 2016 Discovery Sport. Failing to inspect the tires on your vehicle can lead to you being stranded in the middle of nowhere, experiencing serious injury or even death. This is why you should check your tires at least once a week for distortion, wear, or damage.


If you notice anything out of the ordinary and you can’t determine whether they are damaged or not, contact the authorized repairer or a tire repair centre. This also applies to your spare tire. Make sure to take it out and inspect it along with the other ones.


Incorrectly inflated, damaged, and excessively worn tires make driving the 2016 Discovery Sport extremely unsafe – during the drive, a tire may fail and cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Control Wheel Spins

Wheel spins are a common issue when you take your vehicle on a drive in deep snow, or offroad, where you can encounter wet grass and mud. The normal reaction of the average driver is to step on the gas and try to power through. This practice can damage the tires and render them completely unusable.


To keep the tires in perfect shape, you should never exceed the 50 km/h (30 mph) point on the speedometer. This is the most optimal speed to try and get out when you are stuck without causing any permanent damage to the tires.


The wheel spins can also occur when you release the clutch very fast while pressing the gas pedal. While some people do it for amusement, this practice exposes the tires to a lot of force and heat. This damages the structure of the tire, causing it to fail.

Minimize Flat Spotting

The tire sidewall is very sensitive to high ambient temperatures. If you live in an area with long and hot seasons, the chances are that you will experience flat spotting, especially if you keep your vehicle parked for long periods.


The sidewall can deform to the point when the standing surface starts to meet the tire. Don’t worry if this happens, as flat spotting is quite a normal thing to observe in a great majority of tires.


The flat spotting is something that you are going to notice when you drive. It causes a vibration every time it comes in contact with the ground. The good thing is that the tire will go back to normal while you drive. If you notice flat spotting, take your car to a long drive until the situation improves.


There is a trick that can help you minimize this issue. Once you park your car, knowing that it’s going to sit there for a while, increase the tire pressure to the maximum. You can find out the maximum inflation pressure for your tire by observing the number on the sidewall.


Take a look at the picture below – the pressure values are marked with the number 16. Make sure to bring the pressure back to the recommended values for driving before you drive your vehicle.


Don’t Let Other Vehicle Fluids Contaminate the Tyres

The tire structure is very sensitive to certain chemicals. If you spill any vehicle fluids while maintaining your car, make sure that they don’t come in contact with the tires; otherwise, you will risk compromising the tire structure, causing it to eventually fail.


When washing your car, only use the products outlined in the manufacturer manual and guide. Some cleaning products are abrasive and too aggressive to be used on tires. A regular wash with warm water and non-aggressive soap, and using a proper cleaning tool set will help you remove all the dirt and keep your tires in pristine condition.

Check Tyre Pressures

Make sure to find an accurate digital pressure gauge so you can regularly check the pressure on all the tires, including the spare one. You should do this at least once per week, and every time you are about to go on a long journey.


We suggest you keep a tire pressure diary to be on the safe side. For instance, you may notice a slight pressure loss. This occurs naturally, and it should not exceed 0.14 bar per week. If you notice larger discrepancies in pressure, contact the authorized retailer.


To check the tire pressures, follow this procedure:

  • - Unscrew the tire valve cap
  • - Make sure to attach the tire pressure gauge (or inflator) firmly
  • - Read the tire pressure
  • - If required, add air
  • - If the pressure is too high, remove the gauge, and press the centre of the valve
  • - Repeat the process until you get the recommended pressure values
  • - Remember to screw the valve cap back on

Check the Tire Valves

The tire valves caps should be screwed down firmly at all times. Check them regularly to make sure they remain nice and tight. This will prevent dirt and water from entering and compromising the valve. Check the tire valves for leaks every time you check the tire pressure. Do not:

  • - Use metal valve caps – they may corrode and become impossible to remove.
  • - Bend or twist the tire valves at any point – doing so may result in a fatal accident.


As you can see, taking care of the tires on your Land Rover 2016 Discovery Sport is not that difficult. The benefits of keeping your tires in perfect shape range from enjoying a safe drive to cutting down on expenses such as tire replacements and tire shop bills.



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