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In 1989, Land Rover launched the first generation Discovery 1 as a mid-size luxury SUV. It was the version which featured petrol engine parts with four cylinders. When production started for the Discovery models they were with a three door option only. However, it was a roomy vehicle with a possibility of adding two extra jump seats and boot parts.

The modern Land Rover Discovery present as today was introduced in 1990 as a five door style. It was fitted with premium Land Rover Discovery spare parts as a mid-sized luxury SUV launched by Land Rover. The Land Rover Discovery (L319) was launched in 2004. This new vehicle was titled as LR3 (in the US) and as Discovery 3. In 2009, the Discovery was upgraded again to the Discovery 4 (LR4) with changes to light parts and bumper styling. This Land Rover Discovery was enhanced with better parts and spares for top form.

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Land Rover Discovery 1

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Land Rover Discovery: 25 years of experience

Land Rover Discovery 1

Discovery models had vital features like the roofline that was in stepped pattern and windscreen in a raked style. But from upwards the wheels parts it had a fresh style. It was built by attaching the passenger compartment part to a chassis with ladder-frame assemblage to a monocogue engine. The marketing division fitted it with Discovery robust spare parts with (IBF) and extra strength.

The biggest variance is the premium interior Discovery parts and better equipment. The Discovery 1 had a locking centre differential a permanent 4WD. In 2012, there was improved 6 speed automatic gearbox that was switched by an 8-speed model. This paved the entry of the seven seated Discovery into the Range Rover's zone of elite luxury fleet of vehicles.

In United States, the Discovery 2 versions were offered in three trim levels such as S, SE, HSE, LT7 and HSE7. The Discovery 3 had Dynamic Stability Control system and electronic traction control system. This prevented skidding when the vehicle was driven at top speed. Also, Discovery 3 had modern and modest internal and peripheral designer parts fitted with Bluetooth system, 7 seat style and DVD.

Thus Discovery 3 received appreciation from press and motoring fans with its features and spare parts. During 2008 to 2009 there was another revamp to Discovery 3 fitted with Land Rover Discovery 3 parts and featured clear side indicator lights, six CD changer, body color bumpers and Harmon-Kardon stereo system.

Discovery - class with elegance

The sleek interior design parts of Discovery 1 posed it as a style icon that got an honor with Britain’s Design Award in 1989. Land Rover got better response for Discovery 2 compared to Discovery 1 and promoted that it was built with 720 variations in systems and styling of parts compared to its predecessor.

A few changes in the styling of the Discovery 2 were the revised brake lamps and turn parts on the rear side. The turn signals parts were also shuffled from the former bumper part position to the high side fixtures. Another distinctive feature was the stop light fixtures fixed with Land Rover Discovery 2 parts. Land Rover decided to modify Discovery 3 and in 2009, introduced the Discovery 4 and in North America it was code named LR4. This model also had the Integrated Body Frame structure but with there were changes to the grille and bumper and light parts giving it a different look.

Land Rover DIscovery spare parts and accessories at UKAR AUTO

Visit UKAR AUTO online store to check out all the classic Discovery spare parts for top class performance and trendy looks. There is Land Rover Discovery parts for sale though our online catalogue with a sizes and costs. There are also many external parts for led lights side lights, doors, badges, windscreen, xenon headlamps, fog lights and door handles. You will also find parts for anti-theft sensors, fuel filler caps, wind reflectors and fobs.

The list contains mud flaps, mirrors, grille badges, hoods, tow clips, decals, shafts glass channel, and props too. You can get shock strut, wind washer assembly, axles, plugs, grommets and studs. Check out nuts, cup holder inserts, clips, bushes, sensors, shock parts, latch finisher and side tubes. Also, look for check all interior Land Rover Discovery spare parts for pedals, wipers ignition controls, breaks, seals, reflectors and calipers.

Go through the catalogue for parts of heater, tailgate, thermostat, reservoir bottle tank, seal and gaskets. Glance through ABS parts, injection pump, radiators battery, transmission pipes, filters, dryer, hose, compressor, pulleys, pistons fans too.

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