How to Manage Body Repair and Warranty of Land Rover Evoque 2020

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed the launch details for the Land Rover Evoque 2020. While this is definitely the smallest SUV the British brand has to offer, it packs quite the kick, both in terms of horsepower and then technologies it features.


No one can blame you if you want to invest in this vehicle and enjoy the ultimate driving experience both on and off road.


But since you are going to own a brand new vehicle, you have to learn a few things about it. Today we are going to address the accidents and what to do if your brand new Land Rover Evoque 2020 has to go to a repair shop.


We give you the guide on how to manage body repair and warranty of the Land Rover Evoque 2020.

Why It Is Important to Go to the Authorised Repairer

If you are involved in an accident resulting in car damage, you will need to get your car inspected by an authorized repairer.


If your car requires body repairs, a JLR authorized repairer will be able to carry them out without voiding the warranty cover. Why? Because these repairers are the only ones cooperating directly with a Jaguar Land Rover approved body repair centre.


Apart from keeping your warranty cover intact, this practice will help ensure that you enjoy a safe ride. A Jaguar Land Rover approved repair centre has access to Genuine Jaguar Landrover parts and materials, and technicians working there are familiar with the approved repair techniques. The repaired body sections will also be protected from corrosion damage if any.


Taking your car to a repair centre not authorized by JLR will terminate your warranty and you won’t be able to benefit from free replacements and repairs any longer.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

You have several responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a warranty cover. Don’t worry, they won’t eat much of your time. The first thing you have to do is manage the documentation. Every maintenance or service work will produce papers. Your job is to keep them in the vehicle, so that authorized repairers can review them if you happen to need their service.


You have to properly maintain your vehicle. Fortunately, Land Rover Evoque 2020 maintenance is straightforward and you can master it in no time. This includes routine daily, weekly, and monthly checks.


If you detect any defects covered by the warranty, you should call an authorized repairer as soon as possible. Some defects can cause serious damage to a vehicle and result in an accident, injury, or even death. Taking your car to an authorized repairer as soon as you discover a defect also minimizes the extent of the needed repairs.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms Do Not Cover Everything

Jaguar Land Rover warranty cover is limited, and you won't be able to claim the costs for the body repairs or part replacements if:

  • - You have your vehicle modified in any way
  • - The technician assesses that the damage is a result of normal wear and tear.
  • - The damage is not caused during commercial use (motorsports events are not covered).
  • - The damage is caused due to improper use.
  • - You’ve caused the damage during maintenance.
  • - The damage is the result of the failure of another part.
  • - You fail to abide by JLR’s service instructions and maintenance schedules.

Visit this link for a complete list.

When Are the Parts and Replacements Free?

If an authorized repairer inspection results in the conclusion that the damage is caused by a manufacturing defect, you will be able to get the part replaced or repaired free of charge. This remains valid during the entire period covered by the warranty. Let us remind you that the JLR warranty terms state that the warranty is valid over the course of 3 years or 100,000 km.

Jaguar Land Rover Regional Warranty

You should know that all vehicles sold after 1st June 2018 benefit from the JLR regional warranty. This warranty is valid for vehicles sold for the first time in a region. It is important to note that a vehicle can be bought in one region and registered/used in another. If this is your case, you should contact an authorized repairer or retailer and ask them about the regional warranty details.

Does Your Car Need Aluminium Body Repairs?

Land Rover Evoque 2020 is state of the art in terms of driving experience and technology. To achieve this, JLR has incorporated aluminium in the vehicle’s body structure. At the same time, JLR has made sure to provide full tech support to authorized repair shops.


If you are involved in an accident which results in car damage, you should take your care to the authorized repairer. They have access to supplies and knowledge to carry out the required aluminium body repairs for your 2020 Evoque.

Body Repair and Corrosion Protection Warranty

Body repairs don’t necessarily have to a result of an accident. Corrosion can occur and damage body parts. If this is the case, and your vehicle chassis gets perforated by rust corrosion, the warranty cover still applies.


Every panel affected by rust corrosion will be replaced by an authorized repairer completely free of charge. Unlike general JLR warranty terms, the corrosion protection warranty is valid for 6 years and it covers perforation damage of all metal panels on the Evoque 2020 (doors, roof, floor, chassis members and structural frames.


The corrosion protection warranty excludes damage caused to attachments by rust corrosion. This includes road wheels, bright trim, hinges, bumpers, and mouldings.

Friction Related Components Warranty

Friction-related components include brake discs and pads. It is important to note these are only covered against manufacturing defects. If they get damaged or cause any damage to other parts due to normal wear and tear, the warranty is not valid.


As you can see, managing the body repair and warranty of Land Rover Evoque 2020 is very easy once you know what to do. Fortunately, JLR is a responsible company with a very transparent warranty policy. If you stick to the rules we have stated, you will maintain your warranty valid through the expiration date and benefit from free body part replacements and repairs.



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