What You Need to Check When Buying a Used Land Rover Car

There are many reasons why people choose Land Rover cars instead of cheaper, sometimes more reliable vehicles. Uniqueness and off-road performance are among the major factors. However, the price of a new bespoke SUV from British manufacturer might stop you from choosing Range Rover, so purchasing a used one seems to be a reasonable solution.

When considering buying a used Land Rover vehicle, of course, you should get an inspection of it by a reliable mechanic. Such an examination will cost you a significant amount of money, so before doing this, you can follow the check-list in order to make sure the car is worth investing in a professional examination.

Exterior Condition

When you look at the car for the first time, it is always good to know, what are the common issues in the exterior.

  • Painting. If the vehicle has been repainted, you will see the contrast between its parts, for example, doors, because it is almost impossible to match the color ideally with the original one.
  • Body condition. It seems to be the most obvious part of the inspection - check if there are some details or rubber parts missing, any damages or dent visible.
  • Wheels and tires. Make sure that all wheels and tires are of the same size and model.
  • Mechanical components. The most vulnerable place is the mechanisms behind the wheels. Compare both sides and check if there is anything broken or unusual.
  • Headlamps & lights. All lights should have clear glazing and the same style as well as work they should work properly.
  • Window & Sunroof. There should be no gap between windows and roof. Try to check it for leakage if possible.


Obviously, the examination of engine condition is the crucial part of a used car inspection. However, some basic things you may also check by yourself.

  • Oil level. Check the level of oil in the engine and how it smells. If the smell is unusual then most probably engine has some issues.

  • Sound. Start the engine and listen to the sound it makes. If you can hear uncommon ticking on knocking noises, you might need a deeper examination.

  • Oil leaks. Look under the engine brake, rear differential and the transfer case, when engine is still running and see if everything is clean and dry.

  • Exhaust. Examine exhaust gas for its color. The gas of black, blue, or white-grey color might indicate engine failure.

  • Engine Bay. Shut the engine off and look around the engine bay if it has any weird smell, smoke or steam.

Interior Condition

In addition to general condition examination, some parts of the interior require special attention.

  • Seatbelts. When the car gets into a crash, the seatbelts are usually replaced and very often not with the original items. So you could see the difference between genuine belts and their replaced version.

  • Steering wheel airbag & passenger airbag. Originally, both of them should be in a perfect condition with no indicators of its usage or replacement. If you see something suspicious, that might be a result of airbag replacement.

  • Windows & roof. Check on the windows and roof closing/opening mechanism and its functioning. Don’t forget about the wipers.

Test Drive

It goes without saying that conducting test-drive of your future vehicle is an essential part of overall examination. When driving, you should pay attention to the sounds, which your auto produces, acceleration, air suspension performance, steering wheel and indicators panel condition, other technologies functioning, overall comfort and convenience.


This should be checked in the very end of your investigation when you are already aware of what actual mileage the vehicle probably has. People very often cheat on its real number so there are many things to keep in mind when considering this aspect. For example, some parts in interior and the rust on them can show the real wear of a car so this could help you to indicate a relatively high mileage.

If after all, you are satisfied with the results of your examination, that would be a rational step to conduct professional mechanic examination so you will be confident in your decision. When it comes to parts repair or replacement, Ukarauto Land Rover parts online store will provide you with everything you might need for your favorite vehicle.



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