BMW Mini R50 Gear Selector Repair Kit Pin - Getrag gearbox fix stiff manual

BMW MINI R50 Gear Selector Repair Kit Pin - Getrag gearbox fix stiff manual

BMW Mini R50 Gear Selector Repair Kit Pin - Getrag gearbox fix stiff manual




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What is this used for?
If your BMW Mini R50 has a stiff gear change then this part will fix the issue. Remove the gear selector and replace the seized pin inside.

Will this fit my car?
This pin is only suitable for BMW MINI R50 with the Getrag Gearbox which is found on years 07/2004 till current.

Why choose i6 kits?
We understand that as a car enthusiast, you wish to have only the most highest of quality products used in your car. We carefully pick the correct materials, the correct dimensions, the correct seals all to ensure that not only will you have a perfect product inside your Vehicle, but that you will also have a trouble free part for the rest of your ownership period.

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On rare occasions you may have some trouble fitting a part or you may have a question about the part you are about to purchase, in that case we have a dedicated UK number you can contact us on where we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a highly experienced technical team that can give you aid in any problems you may be having and whether are product is likely to help you resolve your symptoms or not.

About I6 Automotive
I6automotive is a brand of the Saharan Group. Our sister company has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing products for the surgical market and has been producing the high quality products that are available within our range today. Regardless of the product, we always manufacturer to ISO 13485 ( Medical Standard ) so that you can be assured of the quality you will be receiving.

I6automotive first set out supplying the popular swirl flap blanking plates exclusively to the trade in 2009. Over a short period of time we grew in popularity amongst the trade due to our customer service and were praised by the press for the quality of our surgical standard products.

Today our product range has grown considerably. Since our inception our customer base, both trade and private has grown domestically and internationally due to the consistency in the high quality we deliver. Our extensive 15,000 square foot warehouse allows us to always have our range in stock and deliver in a timely manner.

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