How to Replace Headlight Bulb in a Land Rover?

Tired of your Land Rover’s headlamp blowing off and paying a service to fix it for you? Who am I kidding, of course, you are since that’s just money down the drain. The question is what you could do about it? I know what you’re thinking if only you knew how to fix or replace the headlight bulb yourself. You are right - you can save some money, and guess what, it doesn't even take much of your time.

Well, don’t worry! We’re here to make your life easier. Just keep reading because we have explained in detail about replacing a Land Rover's headlight, and everything related to it.

What Are the Land Rover Headlights? What Are the Options Available?

Headlights are the most important feature of your Land Rover in terms of functionality and safety. The headlight system has a couple of lighting options. For instance, a low beam which is used during normal driving conditions and a high beam that is used when there are no other cars around.  So, it is imperative to have adequate working headlamps in your car.

Technically speaking, the headlight is nothing but a light bulb encased in an efficient housing, designed to illuminate your way on the road. Older models of Land Rovers used sealed-beam bulbs which are now replaced by modern Halogen headlamps with aerodynamic designs.

Some vehicles also use Xenon headlamps also known as HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs which are extremely bright and throw a whitish light. You can find a complete range of headlights and bulbs available for Land Rovers here.

How Do Land Rover Headlights Work?

A headlight consists of a lamp which is in front of a series of mirrors or reflectors that directs the light beam through a lens which projects it on to the road. Halogen lamps are filled with a halogen gas which makes them more efficient than old incandescent lamps as they project more light and less heat.

Moreover, the HID or Xenon lamp shines brighter than all the rest, as they consist of two electrodes which charge the gas in the bulb and produce electric arc to illuminate. There are other advanced options also available like the fog lamps.

In fact, some latest models use advanced self-leveling headlights which adjusts themselves to remain focused on the road irrespective of the vehicles angle. A motor facilitates this adjustment of the lamp and allows it to follow the curves of the road. Besides, that’s the purpose of headlights to provide a well-lit path for driving when sunlight isn’t enough.

When to Replace Headlight Bulbs of Your Land Rover?

The lifecycle of a headlamp depends on various factors including how the installation was handled, how frequently the headlights are used, and how the Land Rover is driven.

There is a list of some pointers below on when to replace Land Rover's headlight bulbs.

  • The Bulb Blew Off: Most of the times the headlight bulb itself fails and has to be replaced which is quite common.

  • The Bulb is Dim: In certain cases, the bulb loses its brightness and the light that it gives off dims. When this happens its time for you to replace the bulb.

  • Headlight circuit fails: Sometimes, the bulb is not even the problem. Instead, some other electrical component fails and needs replacement including bulb sockets, wiring to the bulb, terminal connection, etc.

Do Land Rover Headlight Bulbs Deteriorate Over Time?

After some time and extensive use, the illumination of a certain type of bulbs reduces such as in Halogen type bulbs. This happens when filament runs out as it ages and as a result, the light gets dimmer. So, if you haven’t replaced your Land Rover’s headlamps in a while, it might be a good bet to do so now.

However, this isn’t true in case of HID or Xenon Lamps which don’t deteriorate and replaced only when the bulb fails. In addition, you can also replace the bulbs if you want to upgrade the lighting performance of your headlights.   

How to Diagnose Headlight Issues?

You can check the headlamp that doesn’t seem to be working with a few simple tests. First of all, you can check that the connector that leads from wiring equipment to headlamp is secure and clean. Most of the time it’s the connection that leads to the bulb not working.

Secondly, you can check if the bulb is getting the required power by examining the connector with a multimeter. The bulb can also be checked visually by holding it into the light to see if the filament is broke, but it is not reliable. Therefore, the multimeter is the best way to move forward.

Lastly, you can test the bulb that seems to burn out by placing it in the working headlight socket to see if the bulb works or not.

How Much Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost to Get it Fixed by an Auto Service?

Headlight bulb replacement may cost you around $82-$295, depending on the make and model of your Land Rover. These costs may also vary depending on your location. It also depends on the type of bulb you want to replace it with as there are several manufacturers with different qualities.

You should check this out before you buy parts for your Land Rover.

How to Change a Headlight Bulb?

Here is an in-depth tutorial.

Working Time

  • Around 10 mins

Parts That You May Need

Step by Step Guide for Replacing Land Rover's Headlight

Following are a few general steps that should easily help you replace a bulb of your vehicle’s headlight. So keep your tool kit ready to go, if you don’t have one check out some at UKAR Auto Parts.

  • First of all, open the car hood and look for the back of headlamp housing.

  • Once you locate it, remove the housing cover and locate the faulty bulb.

  • Now, you may have to turn the connector or release spring levers and remove the electrical connections.

  • After that remove the bulb from the socket and place the new bulb in its place.

  • While installing the new bulb, be careful as to not touch it with your skin. Else the oil will stick to it and will burn once it turns on and will damage the glass.

  • After the new bulb is installed, check if it is properly connected and then return the assembly in headlight unit. Fasten the assembly and secure any covers.

  • Now turn on the headlight to see if the new bulb works properly.

Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing Land Rover's Headlights

When you’re replacing a headlight keep in mind the following pointers.

  • In case, the bulb doesn’t have a visible filament you should test it with a multimeter to determine bulb is getting the power or not. This is true especially in the case of HIDs and LED bulbs since they fail if there is a problem in the electronic circuit.

  • Whenever you’re dealing with a sealed beam or halogen lamps, replace them in pairs. Otherwise, illumination levels would be different on both sides.

  • Sometimes the bulb is working fine, but still, the headlights don’t function properly. This happens because the plastic lenses on the headlights degrade over time and replacing them resolves your problem.

  • Before replacing the bulb make sure that all the wirings, fuses, ground connections, and other components are in proper condition. They are essential to the proper function of the headlight.

Final Thoughts

Headlights are one of the most sensitive parts of your Land Rover. Since it is an electrical component, there is no telling when it would fail. But it is a very important feature as your and others safety depends on it. Plus, you could get a ticket for driving with a faulty headlight.

So, you should always fix it before you go for a drive. It is very convenient and doesn’t take much of your time and save a hell lot of. Now that we’ve taught you a very simple way of replacing the headlight bulb on your Land Rover, you should be able to do it yourself.

You can also check out other parts and accessories for your Land Rover here



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Lr3 headlights are removed complete from vehicle to replace bulbs
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Lr3 headlights are removed as a complete unit to replace bulbs.
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