How to Do General Maintenance for the 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4

The 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 is built to last. But what most inexperienced drivers don’t know is that in order to last, your car needs to be maintained. Many people don’t want to get involved in general maintenance because they are under the impression that it requires very specific knowledge and skills. Let us tell you right now that this is not the case.


Even with minimal technical knowledge, you will be able to find your way around the 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4. There are many benefits of regular general maintenance for your car beside the fact that it will serve you longer. You will enjoy a safer drive, and you will be able to spot some problems early on and react in time to prevent any serious damage to your vehicle.


Here is how to do general maintenance for Land Rover 2014 Discovery 4.

When to Visit An Authorized Service?

Despite your effort to keep your vehicle top-notch, unexpected breaks and malfunctions may occur, such as these common Land Rover engine problems. Continuing to drive your car when this occurs can lead to serious damage and it may even cause you injury. This is why it’s important to know when to contact an authorized service and ask for assistance.


The rule of the thumb is to contact the authorized service as soon as you notice uneven tire wear. Furthermore, if you notice significant or sudden fluid level drops, you should also seek the advice of a qualified technician. Now that we’ve have gotten this out of the way, let's go back to general maintenance tips.

Daily General Maintenance Tips

General maintenance tips include routine daily checks. These are very easy to do but can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, especially in the terms of getting a ticket or experiencing very troubling inconveniences during a drive.


Start every day with the most basic checkup – your car’s horn. Once you have made sure that it works you should inspect your seat belts. Seat in every seat, including the driver’s seat, and make sure that each seat belt buckles and unbuckles with ease. You can simulate the sudden stop by pulling the seatbelts to ensure the inner mechanism still works as intended.


The lighting is the next system you should inspect. Turn on the exterior lights and exit your vehicle to make sure that both of them are working properly. Go to the back of your vehicle to check the functionality of the position lights. Don’t forget the direction indicators. Make sure to check both the front and rear ones on each side. Turn on the warning lamps and check them as well.


Once you are done with all the above, you want to start your vehicle and test the braking system. Once you move the car out of its regular parking stop, you should go to the area and inspect it for any leaked fluid.


If there are any puddles, it means that there is a possible leak. In this case, you should contact the authorized service. Don’t get too alarmed if it is only water. The drips are probably from the condensation on your A/C system.

Weekly General Maintenance Tips

Unlike daily general maintenance tips which inspect the functionality of systems, the weekly ones are more detailed. To make them a routine, you should plan your schedule accordingly and make sure to leave at least 30 mins of free time every week to properly maintain your car.


Engine oil is the first thing you want to check, especially if you enjoy taking your Land Rover 2014 Discovery 4 on long drives and at high speeds. The next in line is the engine coolant level. Make sure that it is at an appropriate level. You should also check the break, power steering, and screen washer fluid levels.


While you are in the car make sure to test the A/C system to see whether it works properly. Your tires are next in line. Check their pressures and the wear condition. If they are unevenly worn, contact the authorized service as soon as possible. You should check your air filter as well, at least once a month to ensure that it doesn’t need a replacement.

What to Do If You Drive It in Harsh Conditions

Driving your vehicle in good conditions is not the same as driving it in harsh conditions. But what are these harsh conditions?


When it comes to the temperature, anything below -40 and above 50 °C is considered harmful for the vehicle. Furthermore, if you drive it on dusty and sandy roads, in mountain conditions, and on motor roads where road salt is frequently used, you will need to inspect your vehicle more regularly.

How Often Should I Wash the 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4

Most car servicing companies include a courtesy car wash in their regular offer to attract more customers. If you have access to this, you should definitely take advantage of it because professional car cleaners use appropriate chemicals, tools, and drying cloth to prevent any damages while taking care of the excess dirt and dust.


The rule of thumb is to take your Land Rover for a bath every time you drive in harsh conditions, especially during the winter when there is a lot of road salt out there. This will prevent damage to your car exterior and paint.


The general rules that apply to the car washing go as follows:

  • Make sure to take your car to a simple wash every two weeks.
  • A complete wash, including the basic interior cleaning, should be scheduled every few months.

Hopefully, these general maintenance tips for the 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 will help you maintain your car and enjoy a safe and long drive. If you notice any irregularities, it is always better to contact the authorized service by phone and ask for advice instead of sitting on it.


Finally, you should pay attention to the dashboard information lamps. Discovery 4 features a great information system to help you maintain your vehicle, so keep your tabs on this to ensure the reliable operation of your vehicle.



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