Range Rover Discovery Sport review

Land Rover Discovery Sport is a great replacement for the Freelander and a great vehicle which stays in-step with the times. Of course, the full- size Land Rover Discovery which combines both capability to drive off road and being comfortable and practical, is more attractive to many of those who find themselves in getting excitement and adrenalin, but sometimes the price of the vehicles makes all the dreams crashed. However, it is not a reason to give up, as the team of Land Rover developers has designed a brilliant vehicle with similar qualities but of smaller size.

Land Rover Discovery Sport is here to make all your crazy wishes happen. The vehicle is based on the RR Evoque, but is more suitable for drivers with big family. To tell the truth, no driver can resist the Land Rover Discovery Sport with its excellent style, unbelievable comfort and great utility combined with an above-average ability to manage snow-choked road and muddy trails.

The new Land Rover is surely worth to look if you are searching for a middle-size luxury SUV with a high degree of go-wherever-you- want gusto! The LR Discovery Sport offers all the premium features of a Range Rover, but for significantly less price, which attracts wider auditory. It is important to notice, that in terms of pricing, the Land Rover Discovery Sport competes only with Audi Q5 and BMW X3, but premium- badged seven-seated rivals gives the LR the unique appeal. You will be right if you say that you can get much bigger vehicle with more equipment and features for the same money as LR Discovery Sport, but that will mean going for something not unique and cloying, like Kia Sorento or Nissan X-Trail

Engine, Performance, Drive

Many Discovery Sport owners ask what makes them feel like they are drivers of premium vehicle. Well, the answer is more than simple- that is the 2.0- litre diesel. The older 2.2 TD4 diesel was successfully replaced with the new 2.0 Ingenium. As a result the developers isolated the engine noise from the vehicle’s cabin, and even at a cruise the engine note subsides to barely heard background hum.

Range Rover Discovery Sport 2.0 Ingenium

2.0 Ingenium

A six- speed manual gearbox remained unchanged, but the nine- speed automatic transmission is worth to be adjusted. You will be able not just to make the most of all the performances you dreamed about, but make them smoothly and controlled.

Due to the auto box the outright acceleration is significantly improved in comparison with manual. The most impressive and attractive thing in Land Rover Discovery Sport is definitely the lack of road noise. This fact cannot leave any driver indifferent. You will hear no tire roar, only the muted thumps of the biggest bumps transmitted from the suspension.

LR Discovery Sport feels alert and agile through a series of corners which are so particular for the SUV. Every driver will notice how sharp and direct the steering is, and this fact surely brings lots of satisfaction. However the feedback is not well-marked, the electrically assisted steering set up is on the top. In combination with excellent visibility and high-set driving position, Land Rover Discovery Sport becomes the vehicle in which you can be confident for 100%.

Usually the LR Disco Sport may feel large enough, but you should be very attentive when reversing. The perfectly designed rear screen looks letterbox narrow but only from the driver’s seat- parking sensors are essential for this vehicle. The body movement also impresses with its compliance. The electronically controlled four-wheel drive system ensures the perfect traction even when the road is slippery.

Now about engine. The 2.0-litre Ingenium TD4 diesel is now available with 178bhp or 148bhp. The gearbox is pleasantly smooth to operate, what makes Range Rover Sport a graceful family vehicle. With 178bhp 2.0-litre you will be able to hit 0.62mph just in 8.9 seconds! The manual gearbox will take just a minute longer.

Versatility and practicality are the main features of the Land Rover Discovery Sport, with a vast boot, masses of space and seven seats. Due to a compact multi- rink rear suspension set- up, the engineers managed to adapt the third row seats in RR Sport. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is waiting to become your best friend at off-road driving!

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