One More Chance for Vintage Land Rover

“Reborn” program for Land Rover Series 1

Did you really want to buy a new car because you believed your Range Rover of the very first generation to be old-fashioned and outmoded? You should better revise your views because many people prefer the quality proven by the time and treat vintage cars as luxury ones. Even more, this year the Land Rover team has announced a new Reborn Program in which the old Series 1 Range Rover cars can be renovated to their fabric condition of the seventies. The Land Rover group decided to give another chance to their famous vintage Ranges and bring them to life once again.

In principle, this extraordinary program is supposed to fancy all European fans of Range Rover. It is largely due to the fact that Range Rover has gained more admirers and a status of classics thanks to the sales in Europe which began 17 years earlier than in the USA.

With the aid of this program, British cars of this brand can receive so-called “Reborn Treatment” in the form of entire teardown and then reassemble. However, the happy owners of Range Rovers would have to overhaul their budget and spend a pot of money to provide a new life for their precious iron horses. Presumably, the average price for the car rebirths with this program amounts up to $170 000.

The introduction of Range Rovers’ motoring miracle in the year of 1970 has completely changed a concept of luxurious cars. Since then Range Rover has become a symbol of power, prosperity and magnificence and has won a plentitude of adherences from every corner of the world. Range Rovers are known to be robust, comfortable cars made with a touch of elegance and sumptuousness. Then, the old Rangie was given an additional word “Classics” to make a distinguishing of the two Range Rover generations easier. The first cars were still popular even after the introduction of new type of cars. That is why the company decided to start the Land Rover Reborn Program even after a half century from cars’ introduction. Now the lovers of classics and vintage collectors have got a fine possibility to become an owner of a vintage two-door Range Rover in Factory condition and to take away the car from the days gone by.

In an effort to save the authenticity of Range Rovers within the framework of this program there was a full and careful reconstruction of one car, namely Bahama Gold produced in the year of 1978. All the characteristics of the car match the original indexes – 3.5 liter V-8, 132 hp, four-speed manual transmission. Moreover, it was reported that all the off-roaders would be Bahama Gold colored. The team members had to make huge efforts to make this “reborn” correspond to the ideals of those times. They wanted a car to match the original standards and that’s why they accurately looked for all the details, materials and did their work properly. After a full reconstruction, the car was presented at Salon Retromobile in Paris.

Not every car can gain a unique possibility to be resurrected by the brand team after so much time and save its time-proven quality. The organizers of the program claim that people worship Range Rover cars because they are pure, simple and absolutely mechanical. Drivers throughout the world honor the original British quality of old cars.

The response team of the Reborn Program is looking for the rare old spare parts of the SUVs, handle them and use to restore vintage Range Rover vehicles. Such parts can also be created in accordance with the car production of the seventies if needed. In other words, a vintage car will get the authentic classic British style, system of air conditioning and typical door-mounted mirrors. Moreover, resurrected cars have the same characteristics as their “ancestors”.

The restoration of each car can presumptively take at best approximately 6 months because in this life-enhancing program the cars are recreated, as they must be. Sometimes the process of restorations lasts almost a year. The leaders of the program plan now to restore 10 cars of the old Range Rover generation for the collectors of rare cars of for their fervent supporters. If you want your car to be “reborn”, you should resort to the help of Land Rover company members who can advise you on available cars and all their peculiarities, details, spare parts and price.



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