Solenoid Seal O ring upgrade kit for BMW Vanos

BMW Vanos Solenoid Seal O Ring Upgrade Kit

Solenoid Seal O ring upgrade kit for BMW Vanos




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An extremely common issue is to have oil leaking from the solenoid O-Rings. Poor seals once again found in the BMW engine where they just aren't upto the task. I6automotive offers an o-ring upgrade where the material VITON is far more suitable to the conditions found in the engine. We offer a lifetime warranty on these seals.

Oil leaking from solenoids..

Fault Codes:
There are no fault codes associated with this symptom

I6automotive has manufactured a cost effective solution. A permanent solution is to use our uprated seals that will last the lifetime of the engine.

Kit Contents:
X4 Solenoid Seals to cover 2 solenoids.

Fitment information for:
These seals are found across quite a few models and engines.
E46: E46 316Ci Coupé, Europe E46 316i Touring, Europe E46 316i Saloon, Europe E46 316ti Compact, Europe E46 318Ci Coupé, Europe E46 318Ci Convertible, Europe E46 318i Saloon, Europe E46 318i Touring, Europe E46 318ti Compact, Europe E60N: E60N 520i Saloon, Europe E81: E81 116i 1.6 3 doors, Europe E81 118i 3 doors, Europe E81 120i 3 doors, Europe E82: E82 120i Coupé, Europe E83: E83 X3 2.0i SUV, Europe E83N: E83N X3 2.0i SUV, Europe E84: E84 X1 18i SUV, Europe E85: E85 Z4 2.0i Roadster, Europe E87: E87 116i 5 doors, Europe E87 118i 5 doors, Europe E87 120i 5 doors, Europe E87N: E87N 116i 1.6 5 doors, Europe E87N 118i 5 doors, Europe E87N 120i 5 doors, Europe E88: E88 118i Convertible, Europe E88 120i Convertible, Europe E90: E90 316i Saloon, Europe E90 318i Saloon, Europe E90 320i Saloon, Europe E90 320si Saloon, Europe E90N: E90N 316i Saloon, Europe E90N 318i Saloon, Europe E90N 320i Saloon, Europe E91: E91 318i Touring, Europe E91 320i Touring, Europe E91N: E91N 318i Touring, Europe E91N 320i Touring, Europe E92: E92 320i Coupé E92N: E92N 320i Coupé E93: E93 320i Convertible
E93N: E93N 320i Convertible

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