BMW N42 / N46 Genuine vacuum pump seal kit Part 6014

BMW 318i N42 Engine 1166-7502656 Vacuum Pump Repair Kit Uprated Seals


BMW N42 / N46 Genuine vacuum pump seal kit Part 6014




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This is a repair kit for your Vacuum Pump in the brake system fitted to the vehicles listed below. The pumps have a tendency to leak oil, costing many hundreds to replace. This repair kit will replace the seals that are prone to leaking and provide a lasting fix.

This will fit the following Part Numbers 11667542498 11667534236 11667502656

E46: Details on E46 E46 316i

Touring, Europe E46 316i Sedan, Europe E46 316ti Compact, Europe E46 318Ci Coupe, Europe E46 318Ci Convertible, Europe E46 318i Touring, Europe

E46 318i Sedan, Europe E46 318ti Compact, Europe

E60N: Details on E60N E60N 520i Sedan, Europe

E81: Details on E81 E81 118i 3 doors, Europe E81 120i 3 doors, Europe

E82: Details on E82 E82 120i Coupe, Europe

E83: Details on E83 E83 X3 2.0i SUV, Europe E83N: Details on E83N E83N X3 2.0i SUV, Europe

E84: Details on E84 E84 X1 18i SUV, Europe

E85: Details on E85 E85 Z4 2.0i Roadster, Europe

E87: Details on E87 E87 118i 5 doors, Europe E87 120i 5 doors, Europe
E87N: Details on E87N E87N 118i 5 doors, Europe E87N 120i 5 doors, Europe

E88: Details on E88 E88 118i Convertible, Europe E88 120i Convertible, Europe

E90: Details on E90 E90 318i Sedan, Europe E90 320i Sedan, Europe
E90N: Details on E90N E90N 318i Sedan, Europe E90N 320i Sedan, EuropeE91:

Details on E91 E91 318i Touring, Europe E91 320i Touring, Europe

E91N: Details on E91N E91N 318i Touring, Europe E91N 320i Touring, EuropeE92: Details on E92 E92 320i Coupe, Europe E92N: Details on E92N E92N 320i Coupe, EuropeE93: Details on E93 E93 320i Convertible, Europe E93N: Details on E93N E93N 320i Convertible, Europe


Oil leaking from the back of the engine. Burnt oil smell coming through vents. Spongy Brakes

Fault Codes:

No fault codes


I6automotive has manufactured a cost effective solution that will completely overhaul the unit. We have used or skills to manufacture uprated seals that will stop this leak and last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Kit Contents:

X1 Inner Seal
X1 Outer Seal

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