New Information Emerges About the Land Rover Defender 2020

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of new Land Rover Defender 2020. Unfortunately, Jaguar Land Rover has done a remarkable job keeping secrets. A few days ago, the British carmaker brand disclosed some new information about the new model.

The Defender was one of the most popular series manufactured in the Jaguar Land Rover factories. It found loyal users across continents and proved to be a vehicle built for both on-road and offroad driving experiences. Those of you who fell in love with the old-school Defender model were probably disappointed when JLR announced its retirement in January of 2016.


Meanwhile, the rumours have started to break into the news now and then about the all-new Defender model coming out in the late 2010s. JLR successfully refuted them and kept the new Defender project under the veil of mystery and secrecy.


This played right into their hand as it created such a buzz that now everyone wants to find out more about the new upcoming series of Defenders. Its big debut is scheduled later this year, and JLR has decided to squelch the thirst of its most loyal customers by disclosing more details about the king of off-road adventures.

What's New About Land Rover Defender 2020?

We would still be in the dark if not for Mark Cameron – the man in charge of Jaguar Land Rover Australia. In a recent interview, Cameron disclosed few more details about the upcoming Defender series, commenting that it has everything it takes to become the best-selling model in the history of Jaguar Land Rover.


Furthermore, he pointed out that this will be the result of carefully layout plans for the brand new Defender series. To penetrate markets and ensure stable revenue in the long term, Tata Motors JLR decided to include various SUV models in the Defender lineup.


The mainstream versions are not going anywhere. In fact, JLR counts on them to increase the revenue since they are going to be very affordable.

2020 Defender Mainstream and Luxurious Vehicles


The upcoming Defender lineup will also include luxurious and powerful vehicles. But these will come with a significantly larger number on their price tags. Cameron also mentioned Toyota Land Cruiser as an example that JLR used as inspiration when creating the Defenders series.


He also mentioned that JLR aims to make Defender fleet look similar to Toyota Land Cruiser once the trim levels and body styles planned for production become available.


According to Cameron, the 2020 Defender will be a modern vehicle build with the best off-road driving experience and ultimate driver and passenger security and safety in mind. Let us remind you that the retired Defender series did not include that much of the safety features and was built exclusively to allow people to conquer natural landscapes with ease.


The upcoming Defender will feature all the perks that provide the comfortable ride that is expected from vehicles coming out of Land Rover factories. The series will also be able to support the wildest adventures of their owners but also guarantee the safety of passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.


Cameron truly believes that 2020 Defender series will include the most capable cars JLR has ever built. So when can the interested buyers inspect the vehicle first hand?


The new Defender SUVs will debut before the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. They will enter the market and be available for purchase by the end of the year or early 2020.


The new Defender will also be coming to the US market, as officially confirmed by JLR. This is the vital part of the British carmaker’s plan to become competitive on the global SUV market and successfully mimic the success of the Mercedes G-Class.

What Do We Know So Far?

Once the new 2020 Land Rover vehicles were spotted in the Rocky Mountains, the interest about the new JLR lineup has been growing exponentially. The more rounded front and rear design reflect the design decisions made in manufacturing the latest JLR SUVs. The front and rear of the 2020 Land Rover Defender will be similar to the Range Rover Velar and Evoque.


JLR doesn’t want to release the lineup, not until all the tests have been completed. The upcoming Defender will undergo more than 40,000 durability tests.


The testers have been exposing the vehicle to the harsh conditions of searing deserts, as well as the chilling Arctic. The offroad drive has been tested on altitudes of up to 10,000 ft.


JLR has taken a shift in the design process. The new Defender will feature premium durability in a brand new way. This means that the vehicles in the 2020 Defender fleet will look luxurious, with no cost to their durability, reliability, and overall toughness.


Gerry McGovern, the chief of design at JLR, confirmed this: "We have to stop thinking about function in a durable way. When you're buying into the brand, you're buying a premium product."


Taught by the design mistakes that rendered old cars unsellable in the US and Canda due to the strict safety regulations, JLR has decided to build the 2020 Defender on the sturdy platform used in the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover.


Many of the fans are still locked into guessing what’s going to end up under the 2020 Defender hood. The options are many. At this point, we can only be sure about one thing – the engine will most likely come from the ranges of JLR Ingenium diesel and petrol engines.


The chances are that it will come with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine currently powering the Discovery Sport. The V6 diesel is also a viable candidate. Of all the premium JLR driving technologies, the All-Terrain Progress Control System will most definitely end up in the 2020 Defender.


We are waiting for the 2020 Defender debut with great anticipation. The changes made to the exterior design, premium durability approach, and several Defender vehicles in the 2020 series will definitely turn the tides in favour of JLR on the world’s SUV market.



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si no es lo que la gente espera de un defender,no creo que triunfe.tiraran mas hacia los jeep.Un coche que puedes modificar y adaptar a tu estilo.Hacerlo mas agresivo,duro,fuerte y que las reparaciones no te cuesten un ojo .Si es un defender tiene que defender la marca y ser un coche deseado
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